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he will not depart
from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Divorce Archives

Former congressman and wife may be close to divorce settlement

No two divorce proceedings are alike. Just as every person is unique, and every couple is unique, every breakup and divorce is unique as well. Some Dallas divorces go rather smoothly, with the spouses able to agree on the main possible points of contention. Other divorces don't go so smoothly. The divorce of one former congressman and his wife is very much an example of a divorce that has not gone so smoothly.

What is a collaborative law divorce?

Couples may often hesitate to put an end to their marriage because they are afraid of going through the legal system. They do not know how much money and time it will take, the emotional affect it might have on their children and the possibility of having their private information revealed in court publicly may be daunting. For those who want to avoid an uncertain outcome by going through court and talk through their issues effectively without more turmoil, collaborative law divorces may hold the answer.

Complete the adoption process this year with our help

Completing or expanding one's family may be a resolution that many Texas families kept this year. As not everyone may be able to do so biologically, there are other options available to couples that would like to have more children and one of them, as discussed in last week's blog, is through adoption.

How long will my divorce take?

Once a couple in Texas decides to end their marriage, they often want to do so as quickly as possible, so they can begin to move on with their life. Therefore, one of the main questions they may have during a divorce is how long it will take.

Study shows that divorce filings peak post-summer

As summer vacations come to an end and couples in Texas get back their routines, some couples may begin to realize that the optimism they felt about spending the future with their spouse has dwindled and they are plagued by the same issues they had before summer began. According to a new report, this is known as a "broken promise theory" - couples spend a lot of time together in the summer and it can exacerbate previous stress between them. In some instances, vacations that go particularly well can raise a couple's hopes and then dash them again as reality sets back in.

The basics of spousal support in Texas

There are many important issues spouses may need to resolve during the divorce process and spousal support may be one of them. During the course of a marriage, trade-off decisions may be made that provide for one spouse to remain at home or not continue or pursue their education. If the couple decides to divorce, the spouse who remained at home or did not pursue a career or education may face challenges providing for themselves following the divorce.

Communication breakdown does not rule out divorce mediation

There are a variety of reasons for why a couple may decide to end their marriage in Texas, and not all marriages end amicably. When a couple can no longer discuss issues with one another cordially, negotiating the major issues in a divorce agreement can seem out of the question. This is often why couples may turn to litigation rather than collaboration-people believe that since they can no longer communicate with one another, they will not be able to negotiate their issues successfully. However, this is not always the case.

Drafting a premarital agreement to protect your future

When Texas residents get married, entering into a pre-marital agreement specifying property division in the event of a divorce is oftentimes the last thing they want to think about. This is why some couples opt to enter into a post-nuptial agreement, as mentioned in a previous post. As difficult as it is to envision a future without your current spouse, the reality is that changing circumstances lead people to drift apart and couples should be financially prepared for such a possibility.