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Former congressman and wife may be close to divorce settlement

No two divorce proceedings are alike. Just as every person is unique, and every couple is unique, every breakup and divorce is unique as well. Some Dallas divorces go rather smoothly, with the spouses able to agree on the main possible points of contention. Other divorces don't go so smoothly. The divorce of one former congressman and his wife is very much an example of a divorce that has not gone so smoothly.

The divorce in question involves Jesse Jackson Jr. and his estranged wife Sandi Jackson. Political junkies may remember that Jackson Jr. was a congressman for a number of years, and his wife was a city alderman. The couple is now involved in a divorce, and on the face of it the two are very far apart on many of the issues.

For example, the two could not even agree on where the divorce court proceedings should be conducted. She wanted the proceedings to take place in her current home city on the east coast, while he wanted them to happen in his home city halfway across the country. Sandi Jackson prevailed; the proceedings will be held in her home city out east.

Despite this obvious dispute, there are some signs that the parties may be able to agree on the terms of their divorce. The legal teams of each spouse indicated that a settlement may be in the offing, and the couple is set to begin mediation soon.

Only time will tell exactly how such a divorce will play out. It might be necessary for each party to advocate strongly for their interests in court. It also might be possible for the two to come to an agreement despite all of the acrimony that the divorce has involved up to this point.

Source:, "With talk of divorce settlement, Jesse Jackson Jr. still in fighting mode," Kim Janssen, April 28, 2017

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