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“Train up a child in
the way he should go
and when he is old,
he will not depart
from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Complete the adoption process this year with our help

Completing or expanding one's family may be a resolution that many Texas families kept this year. As not everyone may be able to do so biologically, there are other options available to couples that would like to have more children and one of them, as discussed in last week's blog, is through adoption.

Whether one adopts a stepchild or someone else, the end result is almost always the same-a family is completed and children are provided with the safety and security of knowing that they are in a protective nurturing environment. Since the process is irreversible, couples and the state both must ensure that the legalities are completed and the parents are fit to take care of the new child.

This is why there are certain legalities, such as terminating parental rights and home studies that must be completed before the adoption is finalized. In addition to this, as discussed previously, there are various types of adoptions that a couple can choose to engage in, such as open or closed, which can have an effect on the relationship the child has with their biological child.

Lawyers at our firm understand that along with the excitement of adopting a new child, couples in Texas may often feel anxiety with relation to the legalities that need to be completed. The adoption process is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate alone. However, we work with couples, explaining the process and providing legal help for every step of the way. For more on adoption, visit our page.

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