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“Train up a child in
the way he should go
and when he is old,
he will not depart
from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Get help asserting father's rights in Texas

There is a presumption that a child born to a married couple in Texas must be the father's biological child. However, if a child is born out of wedlock, it may be necessary for the father to prove he is the biological father either through formally and lawfully acknowledging paternity or undergoing a DNA test. This is important because it allows the father to seek visitation or custody of the child. In addition, establishing who the child's biological father is may make that father responsible for child support. Either way, establishing paternity is often the first step unmarried fathers take to assert their legal rights over their child.

As mentioned in last week's blog, sometimes paternity may be mistaken. This is where a father who previously thought he was the biological and legal father of a child finds out that he is not. In Texas, there are some specific steps that must be taken after mistaken paternity is discovered in order to terminate the legal relationship between a child and the father.

Establishing paternity or disputing paternity can often be emotionally difficult and most certainly legally complicated. Legal professionals such as those at Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices, understand the emotional aspect of asserting father's rights, and can help clients find their way through the legal haze to reach an appropriate result. Even where paternity was mistaken and someone else is found out to the father, it may be possible for the party to continue visiting the child in some specific circumstances, and lawyers at our firm work towards achieving this goal for their clients.

Father's rights are a tricky area, as some courts presume mothers are naturally better suited to take care of the child. However, men can be equally if not more competent to take care of their offspring and their influence is essential in a child's life. Lawyers at our firm can help fathers assert their rights. The following webpage on fathers' rights may provide Texans with more information on this subject.

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