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“Train up a child in
the way he should go
and when he is old,
he will not depart
from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

Experienced counsel can help with child support modifications

One of the most basic responsibilities that come hand in hand with being a parent is providing for one's children. As many Dallas parents can attest to, being there emotionally, financially and physically for a child is difficult enough in today's fast-paced world when parents are married-when they decide to end a marriage it may become even more difficult. Parents try to, and if they cannot, courts create a parenting plan and child support agreement that will cater to the child's best interests. In lieu of this, courts require child support payments from one spouse to another to help ensure the child's financial needs are being met.

As mentioned in last week's post, keeping up with child support payments is very important-if the paying parent does not complete their payments on time, it can have a far reaching legal impact on many aspects of their life. However, times and circumstances change from when the original agreement was entered into, and people are unable to make the payments. Rather than simply try to walk away from the financial obligation, Dallas residents should consider applying for a post-divorce modification.

In order to qualify for a modification, certain factors must be proven in court, as discussed in last week's post. Our law firm is experienced in a wide range of family law issues and can offer comprehensive guidance to people going through a divorce, including assistance with a post-marital modification such as child support agreements. Our founding lawyer has more than 25 years of experience as a family law attorney and has regularly represented clients facing similar issues.

In order to ensure parents continue to spend time with their children without any legal issues, lawyers at our firm go above and beyond their duty. When an urgent change in a situation requires a child support modification, lawyers at our firm advocate their rights and try to help them secure modifications that fit their situation. For more on child custody modifications, visit our page

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