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Wife ends up paying for disparaging comments against ex-husband

When a couple first marries, they pledge to love one another and fight together through the good and bad. In the U.S., roughly 50 percent of these couples won't make it and, for some couples, the decision to divorce brings out the worse in both former spouses.

Many Dallas residents likely know a former couple or have read about a former couple whose divorce was extremely contentious. Any divorce stirs strong emotions in those living through it. Divorce is often difficult and forces individuals to endure numerous changes, many of which can be unsettling and scary. As a result, whether warranted or not, some ex-spouses choose to direct negative feelings and emotions towards an ex and pledge to make his or her life miserable.

This tactic, however, is often extremely destructive to both ex's as well as their children and families. In some cases, intentionally dragging out legal proceedings or dragging an ex's name through the mud can also have financial ramifications.

A 51-year-old mother of two teenage children recently learned she would receive only 17 percent of her ex-husband's estimated $5 million partnership in a reputable law firm. Unless there's a prenuptial agreement, when a couple divorces most assets obtained during the course of a marriage are split equally. In this case, however, the judge chose to award the woman far less based on allegations that her public and frequent disparaging comments against her ex-husband resulted in the value of his partnership at the law firm being severely diminished.

When discussing her decisions related to the divorce settlement, the judge went on to admonish both the 51-year-old woman and her 54-year-old ex-husband citing both parties also frequently "displayed offensive behavior in court". Apparently both exes shouted at and argued with one another during court proceedings and also frequently left the courtroom as proceedings were in process.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a battle. The collaborative law process is an alternative to a traditional and often contentious divorce, in which both individuals secure attorneys who help ex-spouses work to resolve differences and come to an agreement on terms related to child custody as well as the division of assets.

Source: New York Daily News, "Upper East Side woman gets less in divorce from lawyer ex because her public accusations hurt his business: judge," Barbara Ross, Dereh Gregorian, April 9, 2014 

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