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When might a third-party expert help during a Texas divorce?

Choosing to have the assistance of a Dallas divorce attorney on your side is prudent whether a couple chooses an adversarial or collaborative approach. While an attorney has the legal knowledge to protect clients, legal training doesn’t automatically come with an expert degree in the fields of business, finance, real estate or other specific vocations.

In a Texas divorce, there are some cases in which a complex estate requires complex determinations involving many of the industries mentioned above. How does this problem get solved? When necessary, an expert can be brought in to help. What are some of the most common experts called in during a divorce?

Business is big in Texas, and so a business valuation expert may be brought in to assist when it comes times to determine the value of a company owned entirely or partially by a couple. Not only are there different ways to value a business, but each also involves consideration of such things as a commercial lease, physical building or even goodwill. Whether collaborative or adversarial, a final and accurate valuation is important during property division.

What about when a spouse seeks alimony? In some cases, a spouse may have left the workforce for a period of time, and a vocational expert can help determine their earning potential. On the other side, an income expert may help provide advice when determining a spouse’s true income.

Do you own property? Many people do, but in some cases a couple may not agree or improvements made to the property may make a valuation more complicated than usual. Here, an appraisal from a real estate expert may be vital for a property settlement.

How about one from that “other” category? Where child custody is concerned, some couples or even the court may want a psychological expert to help determine what arrangement may be in the best interests of the child.

How does one know when to bring in a third party? Thankfully, spouses don’t have to make that determination on their own when an attorney is on their side.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Confidential: Using Experts in Your Divorce,” Caroline Choi, Oct. 24, 2013

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