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he will not depart
from it.”
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Collaborative law divorces offer dignity through the process

Getting a divorce is something that is usually associated with lengthy legal battles that can turn ugly. A collaborative divorce, however, is one in which both parties work together with experts to divide assets and come up with ways to care for the needs of children. Texas residents might be interested to learn exactly how this type of divorce works.

In order for a collaborative divorce to be effective, both spouses have to be honest during the process. They must also be respectful of each other. The process is done out of court with their attorneys present. All assets and debts are revealed by both parties in front of an expert who is hired jointly. This neutral party helps to determine how these items should be divided.

If the couple has children, their children's needs are also considered during this process. The considerations of the children are covered by experts hired mutually. The same thing happens if the family owns a business.

The soon-to-be ex-spouses are encouraged to work through the collaborative law process until the divorce is finalized. If they can't get the divorce terms ironed out, both parties have to let their lawyers go and hire new counsel. That can add a considerable expense to the divorce.

These divorces are said to take less time and are usually less expensive than other types of divorces. While a collaborative divorce might not be appropriate for every case, they are sometimes an option for people who want a fair divorce. If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, seeking the advice of an experienced Texas divorce attorney can help you to determine your rights and expectations for the process.

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