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Study reports multiple health risks for divorced men

Regardless of who files for divorce, the entire process is often stressful and difficult for both spouses. In many cases, society tends to focus on those concerns and needs specific to divorcing women. Women going through a divorce are often regarded as the underdogs and, as such, are rallied around. A new study, however, shows that it may in fact be divorced men who suffer the most.

Several medical researchers collaborated for the study which appears in the most recent issue of the Journal Of Men's Health. Included in the report's findings is evidence which suggests that divorced men suffer more physical and mental health issues than their married counterparts.


Historically, men have been regarded in American culture as strong and stoic providers for their families. Many men's very identities are wrapped up in this false notion of essentially what it means to be a man. Therefore, when a marriage ends, a man may have a harder time coping with the loss than his ex-wife.

Men often lack strong support systems of family members and friends in whom they can confide and share feelings and concerns. As a result, many divorced men experience symptoms of depression which can result in a growing reliance on alcohol or drugs as coping mechanisms. For this most-recent study, researchers discovered that divorced men were 10 times more likely to seek psychiatric care and nearly 40 percent more likely to commit suicide than married men.

In addition to the loss of a spouse and family home, many divorced men are fathers who must also deal with changes in child custody. Fathers going through a divorce would be wise to retain an attorney who has experience successfully advocating for the rights of fathers. When possible, a child needs the love and support of both parents and a child custody arrangement should meet those needs.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Can Have Serious Impact On Men's Health, New Research Finds," Sep. 30, 2013

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