Assistance With Preparing A Will

Regardless of your financial situation, it is important that you plan for what will happen to your assets and belongings after death. A will is one of the most common and uncomplicated means to achieve this, and can easily be drafted with the help of an experienced attorney. The Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices helps people in Dallas and the surrounding area create solid, comprehensive wills that will ensure their wishes are understood and respected.

How A Will Works

A will is a legal document that explains how to divide up your estate. For example, a couple – legally known as the testators – stipulates in their will that they are leaving their home to one of their children, who lives with them and provides caregiving services. The rest of their children are to receive an equal monetary amount from the sale of their cars and recreational vehicles. The couple's personal items, including furniture, family heirlooms and jewelry, are to be given to specific relatives named in the will. The couple has also decided that their eldest child, whom they believe is the most responsible, should be the executor to carry out their wishes.

The law office's attorney will ask you questions concerning your property and to whom you would like it to transfer. She can also answer any questions that you have throughout the process and make adjustments if your wishes change later on.

When There Is No Will

If there is no will planned, you will be known as in intestate after you die. When this happens, the probate court will decide how to divide your estate among the surviving family members. It is often in your family's best interests to avoid intestacy, as the court may make decisions that are not necessarily what you would want.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Help

Attorney Paula Lock Smyth is experienced and knowledgeable in the laws concerning estate planning. To set up a complementary initial consultation with her, you can fill out the office's online form or call 214-646-1485.