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When couples are separating and preparing to divorce, many spouses are concerned about protecting themselves, their children and their interests in marital property. Restraining orders and orders for protection are court orders that are often used to help protect individuals and maintain the status quo during a divorce.

Paula Lock Smyth is a family law attorney who has been serving clients throughout Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding communities for more than 25 years. She is dedicated to protecting clients who are going through a divorce or difficult family law proceeding and can advise them on the benefits and consequences associated with restraining and protection orders.

Restraining Orders In Divorce Cases

A restraining order is an order made by the court that prohibits a person from engaging in certain behavior. Today, many counties have a standing restraining order that comes into effect whenever a person files for divorce. That order is binding on both parties and can prohibit either spouse from engaging in activities such as:

  • Taking children outside of the jurisdiction
  • Changing a child's school or day care
  • Changing insurance policy coverage
  • Wasting assets or giving away property

Orders For Protection

An order for protection is also a court order, but it is issued by a judge demanding that one person stay away from another and may include directions to stay away from that individual's home, school and place of work. These orders, often issued in the situations involving domestic violence, are for the physical protection of a spouse or children.

If you are concerned about the actions of your spouse and believe you need a restraining order or order for protection, call Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable, caring family law attorney who can help you protect yourself and your rights.

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