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During a divorce, especially in high-asset divorces, one spouse may be tempted to either hide or fail to disclose all of those assets. This can be extremely frustrating and stressful for the other spouse who has a right to fair property division. The good news is, with the right legal and professional help, almost all assets are traceable.

Locate Hidden Assets During Your Divorce

Many individuals think that they can track down hidden assets on their own. However, if you go at it without professional help, you may miss a significant portion of what you are entitled to. At Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices, we offer clients highly skilled divorce and property division representation. As a lawyer, Ms. Lock Smyth brings more than 25 years of legal experience to each matter that she handles. She knows the typical hiding places for assets during a divorce and understands how to uncover them. Our law firm also has relationships with some of the top private investigators in the state, so even when assets seem nonexistent, we have the resources to track them down and uncover them.

Did You Know?

Perhaps the best way to ensure full asset protection during a divorce is by completing a prenuptial agreement before getting married. A prenup will account for all assets being brought into the marriage, and can help you avoid issues in hidden assets.

I Discovered Hidden Assets After My Divorce Was Finalized. What Now?

In the event you discover post-divorce that your ex-spouse hid assets during the divorce process, you may still have a legal claim to a portion of those assets. There are statues of limitations on these legal actions, so it is best to contact our law firm right away.

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If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, it is important that we investigate sooner rather than later. Contact our Dallas, Texas, law firm to learn how our attorney can help protect you against marital fraud.