Fathers' Rights Attorney Dallas TX

Although the Texas statutes that govern child custody and visitation do not discriminate on the basis of a parent's gender, in many conservative communities mothers are presumed to be more suitable custodial parents in the case of a divorce or separation. That presumption is often untrue and always unfair.

North Texas fathers often turn to family law attorney Paula Lock Smyth for unbiased, experienced counsel and representation with full respect for the importance of a father's rights. Contact her law firm to schedule a consultation regarding your fathers' rights concerns. Call 214-646-1485.

When Fathers' Rights Need Aggressive Protection

  • Why should assertion of a father's rights require more effort than those of a mother?
  • Why is it that fathers are often expected to go further to prove their suitability for custody of children than an average mother does?

Fathers' rights lawyer Paula Lock Smyth provides years of experience as a family law trial attorney to fight for men who want fair consideration as suitable custodial parents of their young children or teenage sons and daughters.

Child Custody Petition Preparation for Fathers

Often, assertion of a father's rights starts from simple steps such as keeping a log of his involvement in children's activities, including doctors' appointments, school events, PTA meetings, and parent/teacher conferences. Prompt payment of child support is crucial. Attorney Paula Lock Smyth is prepared to take child custody cases to trial if necessary to protect fathers' rights.

No Child Support Dodgers, Please

Note: Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices does not condone the use of child custody as a tool by which to avoid paying child support. The best interests of the child are always foremost in the minds of the clients represented by family law attorney Paula Lock Smyth. Contact her law firm to discuss fathers' rights and related issues such as guardian ad litem cases and paternity DNA tests.