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Same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships are not legally recognized under Texas law. This, however, does not prevent same-sex couples from living together and building a life with each other. It also does not prevent same-sex couples from running into the same issues heterosexual couples must deal with during the course of a relationship.

A Lawyer For LGBT Individuals And Couples

Dallas attorney Paula Lock Smyth has nearly three decades of experience practicing family law in Texas. The law surrounding domestic partnerships and same-sex relationships is constantly evolving. She has dedicated herself to staying on top of recent changes and legal precedent that impact this growing demographic of our population. Please speak with her today by calling 214-646-1485 or by contacting her law office online.

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Domestic Partnership And Cohabitation Agreements For Same-Sex Couples

Many same-sex couples in Texas can benefit from the creation of a domestic partnership agreement, which is a formal agreement between two parties. While domestic partnerships are not legally recognized, courts tend to look toward domestic partnership agreements when resolving disputes, determining the status of beneficiaries and more.

Cohabitation agreements are another important tool used by many same-sex couples. These agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements, but are intended for those who are unable to or choose not to marry. Items that can be addressed in cohabitation agreements include:

  • Division of property upon separation
  • Post-relationship financial support obligations
  • Child custody or visitation schedules

Estate Planning For LGBT Couples

Attorney Paula Lock Smyth also represents LGBT couples in all estate planning matters. This includes drafting wills, establishing trusts and guiding estate representatives through the probate process. She also helps her clients draft durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives, which are invaluable tools as you and your partner reach your twilight years.

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