Assistance With The Divorce Process

People who have just been served with divorce papers may be confused as to what they should do next. The decisions people make during this critical time can play a role in the final outcome of their divorce settlement. It is important, therefore, that people speak with someone they trust.

A strong attorney is an essential part of a divorce case, as he or she can point people in the right direction when it comes to making those choices. Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices guides people in Dallas and the surrounding area through the divorce process, showing them what their options are and helping them understand how the law applies to their situation.

What Happens In A Divorce

Once divorce papers have been drafted and served, you, as the respondent, have a limited number of days to file your answer. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, temporary orders may be issued and evidence may be exchanged between attorneys. You will need to put together a complete inventory of your assets and property, with their evaluated worth. If you and your spouse own a business together or you have considerable assets, this could take some time to negotiate how those assets will be divided.

Custody disputes are often handled separately from the divorce itself. Once you and your spouse have agreed on a settlement, the document is filed with the court and after a waiting period, the divorce is granted. However, if you and the spouse cannot agree on how property should be split, then the court will make the decision for you. If you or the other spouse are seeking financial support, then that matter will also need to be addressed, which can lengthen the process.

Skilled Assistance

Dealing with any family law matter can be difficult, but attorney Paula Lock Smyth applies her knowledge of Texas law to help you understand what your legal rights are. You can schedule a free initial consultation with her by calling 214-646-1485, or you can fill out a convenient online form to learn more information.