Dallas High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

When you have accumulated a high net worth during your marriage, maximum retention of your assets is a crucial consideration when your marriage ends in divorce. Dallas attorney Paula Lock Smyth understands the complicated nature of asset division under these circumstances.

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Plano Asset Division Lawyer

Texas is a community property state, meaning that all property accumulated during your marriage, including an increase in value of assets owned prior to your marriage, is property of the marriage and must be divided equally.

To make sure that you receive a fair marital settlement while still preserving assets, it is crucial that you work with an attorney experienced in:

  • Determination of whether property is individual or marital property
  • Determination of the effect of prenuptial and postmarital agreements on spousal support and property division
  • Valuation of family-owned businesses
  • Valuation and division of retirement plans and investment portfolios, including stock options
  • Discovery of hidden assets

We can also assist with protection of assets prior to divorce proceedings and recommend alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law and mediation and other alternatives to divorce that will maintain privacy of your personal life and financial records.

In order to preserve and maintain maximum control of your assets and privacy, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as you begin thinking of divorce so that you have time to consider your options.

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