Dallas Attorney For Estate Planning Issues After Divorce

Divorce can bring a wide variety of changes in almost every area of your life. As you plan for this new beginning, it is important to re-evaluate your long-term future plans as well — including your estate plans.

Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices is a full-service family law firm in Dallas, Texas, that also provides a variety of estate planning services. The firm works closely with clients who are going through a divorce, helping them identify the impact of the divorce on their current estate plan and crafting new documents that protect their interests going forward.

Revising Your Last Will And Testament

If you currently have a will that was drafted before your divorce, Texas law automatically voids any bequest made to your former spouse. Any assets that would have passed to your spouse will instead be distributed as if your spouse had passed away before you. If you are unsure of what that means for your property, speaking with an experienced estate planning lawyer can help give you peace of mind.

There is, however, no Texas statute that provides for automatically bypassing a former spouse as the recipient or trustee of a trust. This will happen only if a trust instrument specifies it specifically, so you may want to consult an attorney about how to make these changes.

Revoking Powers Of Attorney Before Divorce Is Final

As with a will, any powers of attorney that have been given to your spouse will be void upon your divorce being finalized. However, many individuals who are going through a divorce choose to revoke those powers before the divorce is final to prevent their spouse from becoming an authorized agent who can act for them if something were to happen before the divorce was completed.

Paula Lock Smyth is a caring attorney with in-depth knowledge of both family law and estate planning. She is passionate about protecting clients' rights and helping them navigate complex legal issues during difficult times. If you have questions about the effects your divorce might have on your estate plan, she can help answer your questions and explain your options so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for your family.

Contact A Dallas Lawyer About Estate Planning After Divorce

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