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For most couples, ending a marriage is a complex process that requires them to equitably divide their property, financial assets, debts and parenting responsibilities. When you are going through a process that touches so many important areas of your life, it is critical that you have a knowledgeable counselor by your side.

Attorney Paula Lock Smyth has been helping clients navigate divorce for more than 25 years. Her Dallas, Texas, family law firm — Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices — provides personalized legal advice tailored to the unique needs of each client it serves. Whether you are looking to reach an agreement quickly or are prepared to fight for your best interests in court, Paula Lock Smyth has the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your rights and help you achieve your goals.

No-Fault And Fault-Based Divorce In Texas

In Texas, divorce can be granted either by declaring one spouse to be at fault for the breakup or through a "no fault" provision, referred to as "insupportability," that claims personality conflicts and discord have made the marital relationship so strained that it cannot be saved. While a divorce will be granted using either approach, fault-based grounds for divorce — such as adultery, cruel treatment, abandonment or long-term incarceration — may be taken into consideration when the court determines a fair division of marital property.

Paula Lock Smyth works closely with her clients, taking the time to learn about their situation and explaining all of their options so that they can make an informed decision about what is right for their family. She guides clients through all aspects of a divorce, including:

For couples with children, some of the most important decisions made during the divorce process involve how much time each parent will spend with their kids and how much input each parent will have into major decisions that affect their lives. Paula Lock Smyth is dedicated to helping clients find workable custody, visitation and child support arrangements tailored to their family's unique needs.

Whether you are looking to avoid a protracted litigation battle through mediation or collaborative law, need knowledgeable advice regarding military divorce or high net worth divorce, or are interested in learning about alternatives to divorce, Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices can help.

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