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In the state of Texas, family law judges advocate for both parents to be highly involved in their children's lives after a divorce. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, the presumption is that parents will have joint custody (also called joint managing conservatorship). This means that both parents will have the right to make important medical, educational and religious decisions regarding their children. It also means that both parents will have fair parenting time with the children. However, it does not necessarily mean that both parents will have an equal percentage of time with their children.

Joint Legal Child Custody In Texas

There is a standard visitation schedule that will apply to the majority of families. Of course depending on the specifics in any given case, deviations may be granted. Usually, one parent will be designated as the primary guardian and his or her home will be the primary residence of the children. Then, depending on the age of the children, a visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent will be assigned. In many cases, this can take the form of one night a week and every other weekend. However in the case of children under 3 years old, more frequent visits for shorter periods of time may be granted. With young children, frequency of contact with the noncustodial parent facilitates better bonding.

In many cases, the standard visitation schedule is not ideal for one or both parents. If this is the case for you and/or your spouse, but you cannot come to an alternative agreement, collaborative law or mediation could be a great option to find common ground. Especially with issues regarding your children, it is important to work together with your spouse to find mutually agreed-upon issues. Remember, if you have children, you will be forever tied to your spouse, even after the divorce. It will be best for your kids if you and their mother or father can work together on custody issues.

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