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Child Custody Services for Same-Sex Couples in Dallas

Same-sex child custody disputes can be especially complicated, when only one parent is biologically related to the child, by adoption or by birth. Custody disputes can also arise when same-sex couples already have legal rights established.

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Joint Managing Conservatorship Agreements

A Court Order based upon a Joint Managing Conservatorship agreement legally establishes joint parental responsibilities. Many same-sex couples choose this option once one partner has adopted a child or one partner gives birth to a child that the couple intends to raise together. Then, if the couple's relationship ends, the non-biological parent will continue to have parental rights. This option is available in Texas whereas the ability for a same-sex couple to jointly adopt a child is not available at this time.

To ensure that both parents' rights are protected now and in the future, it is wise to establish a Joint Managing Conservatorship while the relationship is still intact.

Seeking Parental Rights After the Relationship Ends

Custody can also be established after the couple's relationship ends. In order to do so, the non-biological or non-adoptive parent must file within 90 days of living with the child. If he or she fails to do so within 90 days, the opportunity to seek parental rights may be missed, so contact Attorney Lock to discuss your legal rights.

Partition Suits / Property Division

Same-sex marriage has not been legalized in Texas. However, when a same-sex couple ends their relationship, they face the same issues as a divorcing couple: child custody, visitation, child support, and property division.

Attorney Paula Lock Smyth provides legal services to assist same-sex couples in property division issues. This can be done through a partition suit, which involves the separation and distribution of assets.

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