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Dallas attorney Paula Lock Smyth offers knowledgeable, caring, and cost-effective legal guidance in complicated family matters. She has helped thousands of families find a schedule and develop a parenting plan that balances parental rights with the best interests of the children involved.

When parents cannot agree to a parenting plan that accounts for who will make important decisions for the children and where the child will reside, the court will first make a determination on custody and visitation. Based on which arrangement is determined to be in the best interest of the child or children, the court will determine whether to grant joint custody (also called a joint managing conservatorship) or sole custody (also called sole managing conservatorship) to one parent over the other.

The court will consider numerous factors in making this determination, including which parent has been more involved with the child, resources and the preference of children age 12 or older. To avoid losing control over your parental rights and to discuss creating a fair parenting plan with Dallas lawyer, Paula Lock Smyth, contact her today at 214-646-1485.

Plano Time Share Agreement Lawyer

Under Texas law, it is most common that one parent takes physical custody of the child or children, and the other parent is given visitation rights, even in cases where the parents have joint custody.

Although usually this "time-share" agreement provides for visitation rights every other weekend, every other holiday and a longer visit in the summer, parents also have the option of agreeing to a visitation schedule that better suits their unique circumstances.

For Questions About Your Parental Rights, Contact A Child Custody Law Firm

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