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The right to parent is a fundamental human right that most parents are determined to protect. Paula Lock Smyth Law Offices, a Dallas, Texas, family law firm, offers parents the guidance and support they need to protect that right — and to protect their children.

Child Custody Laws In Texas

Texas law uses the term "conservatorship" — rather than "custody" — to discuss the legal rights and responsibilities that parents have in regard to their children after a divorce or when parents were never married. Conservatorships are determined based on the best interests of the children involved.

In Texas, there is a presumption that it is in a child's best interests for parents to work together to co-parent, both having input into major decisions in the child's life. However, a joint managing conservatorship, or joint custody, does not mean that parents will have equal parenting time.

For some families, co-parenting is simply not an option. In situations involving substance abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence or other circumstances that make it unsafe for a parent to act as a joint managing conservator, the court can name one parent as the sole managing conservator. This arrangement gives exclusive decision-making authority to the conservator, but may still allow the other parent access to the child — often through supervised visitation.

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Attorney Paula Lock Smyth has more than 25 years of experience fighting for clients in custody battles, helping them preserve the right to have input into their children's lives and to spend time with them on a regular basis. She takes the time to listen to clients and provides personalized advice on a variety of related issues, including:

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